Comma Vintage is the best way to add vintage to your wardrobe. 

It's no secret that vintage has gone from niche to mainstream. But that doesn't make it easier to get. Thrift shops are full of discarded fast fashion and cheap knock-offs. Vintage boutiques are hard to find, and often expensive. Many brands now offer curated vintage collections, but we'll tell you straight up: They're ripping you off. 

Comma Vintage is the best way to get quality vintage at an affordable price. Our team has the expertise to find it, and because we serve hundreds of clients at once, we keep a large inventory on hand to make sure we've always got the perfect piece. The best part? You don't need to spend decades learning about vintage first. We already did.  

Know someone who loves vintage? A subscription to Comma Vintage makes the perfect gift.

Here's how it works:

Here's the Details:

Every box contains one to three items of clothing hand-selected to fit your body and lifestyle. 

The clothing may show signs of wear, including small holes or spots, but we guarantee it to the be clean and wearable right out the box. 

We try to ship as soon as possible, but may need a couple weeks to find the best items.

Want to see examples of what we ship? Check us out on or social media or see sample boxes on our blog.

It's all yours to keep! No styling fee. No cycling of pieces. 

We hope you like what you get, bu handle returns and exchanges on a case by case basis.

As for us:

We were founded in a Hartford apartment in 2016. Since then we've moved into a warehouse, hired employees, and shipped thousands of custom vintage orders around the world while fighting for sustainability and individual style.

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