What Do I Get?

American-made Clothing from Legendary Brands
Levi's, L.L. Bean, Pendleton, Nike, and many more all used to make their clothes in America. There's often a difference in quality between the new and the old, and we like to help our customers engage with history and styles.

Quality Goods from Forgotten Makers

Many historic clothing manufacturers didn't survive. But their products sure did. We deliver sanforized flannel shirts, thick wool sweaters, graphic sportswear, and hard-worn workwear for every season.

Timeless Accessories

Some things, like a polyester ascot, go out of style. Other things, like a Scottish wool scarf or a conservative silk tie from Italy, do not. We deliver the latter.

Compelling Artifacts from Decades Past

So maybe there's not much functionality to an unopened pack of baseball cards from 1985 or a sheet of stamps commemorating the moon landing. But we want you to have them anyway.

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